Agile Project Management Services


EVRA tailor their proposals to suit our client’s budget and requirements, in this regard we are able to offer Project Controls Specialists of differing levels to suit our client’s needs.

Project Controls was developed in a construction and manufacturing waterfall environment. With EVRA’s leading expertise in this arena, we are best placed to adapt these principals to the different needs and processes of the financial, insurance, pharmaceutical, information technology and telecoms sectors.

Project planning and controls has long been viewed as a discipline which cannot be applied to the flexible, iterative processes that the trending Agile management frameworks allow and encourage. As project time and cost overruns become more common well implemented Project Controls are proving to be the essential missing components of the Agile Project Management team. Professional planning and project control specialists do not guarantee success; however, they are vital in allowing the Project Management team through charts, metrics, graphs and analysis to make the required project adjustments from a higher, more strategic level.

EVRA will meet with key project stakeholders to carry out a complimentary organisational needs analysis. This results in an evaluation of where your projects or PMO’s may require assistance or processes that can be improved. This service further ensures we propose only the most effective business solution.

One of our key resource offerings are Project Controls Specialists. The difference between a Planner and/or Scheduler is the knowledge base of the Specialist and their experience in reviewing the bigger picture of a project with the Programme Manager.

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